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Lori Melnitsky, MA CCC-SLP has been an ASHA board certified and NYS licensed speech/language pathologist for over 20 years. She has completed an advanced graduate level course in dyslexia.  Her certifications include Prompt, Lidcombe, MPI Stuttering and the  Barton dyslexia course.

Lori stuttered severely as a child and could not participate in class, call friends on the phone or say her name.  Her daughter also stuttered as a toddler.  Presently, she directs her own private practice and is an adjunct professor at Long Island University.  Lori is a published author and sought after presenter.  She is passionate about her profession.  

Lori also has family members who have dyslexia and developed a passion for this as well. Lori’s bright and beautiful daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia which lead her on the path to help others read, write and spell.  

She also has over 20 years experience with providing private speech therapy, stuttering therapy, school based therapy, and early intervention helping countless toddlers learn to talk.

Continuing Education and Certifications:
2015 ASHA Continuing Education Award Winner

-Lidcombe Stuttering Certified provider
-Completed Eastern Virginia three week fluency shaping for stuttering
-Completed one week HCRI Fluency Shaping Program for stuttering
-MPI Stuttering Certified
-Orton Gillingham
-Barton Reading and Spelling Program
-Fast ForWord/Reading Assistant Provider
-PROMPT Certified
-Beckman Oral Motor Trained
-Dyslexia Screener/Consultant

"I truly believe my son would not be talking in sentences today if it wasn’t for your help."
"Your understanding of language and processing made all the difference in the world."
(Linda, parent of an 11 year old autistic boy)