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Lidcombe Stuttering Therapy

Lidcombe Stuttering Therapy for Preschool Children Comes to Long Island

Don't Wait to get help..  Stuttering in Children...


Many children experience periods of disfluency or stuttering between the ages of 2 ½ and 5.  These children are often described as “anxious” or “nervous because the words do not flow easily out of their mouth.  Parents understandably become upset and are unsure of where to turn.  Pediatricians often say they will outgrow it and there is no reason to worry.    In the meantime, both child and parents become frustrated.  Parents are NOT to blame for stuttering and require support.


The goal of the Lidcombe program is to train parents to deliver the treatment in their child’s environment on a daily basis.  It involves weekly visits to a speech language pathologist trained in this program and follow up activities at home.  The basic therapy is individualized for each child with follow up sessions scheduled at home.  Many parents have turned to Lori Melnitsky, Director of All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy, a Lidcombe trained speech pathologist, because their child started stuttering. Her Plainview center offers speech and language therapy with a Lidcombe trained therapist and provides support, encouragement, family participation and an individually tailored goal oriented treatment program.   “It is remarkable to see the rapid success rate of Lidcombe used with preschool children who stutter and their parents who have been frustrated with other approaches”.


The services of Lori Melnitsky, Lidcombe trained Speech/Language Pathologist is a valuable means of increasing success and decreasing frustration for children and their families.  For more information,  call Lori Melnitsky 516-776-0184 or e-mail:

"I was starting a job with a new airline and my speech started to deteriorate with the stress of training. I thought I was not going to be able to make it through the rigors of the training environment and initial flying experience in a new plane with new things that had to be said on demand. Lori helped me a great deal by getting me back to the fundamentals of speaking that I knew from therapy, but was not applying them properly. After five sessions with Lori, I was able to more comfortably continue with the training process and now I am progressing well with continued practice. Lori was great at getting me back on target."
(Matt, airline pilot, adult who stutters)