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Orton-Gillingham to Improve Reading, Writing and Spelling

Why Orton-Gillingham for Dyslexia?

Orton-Gillingham is the recommended approach for teaching reading,writing and spelling to individuals with dyslexia, struggling readers and children with language based learning disabilities. Why a Speech/Language Pathologist is Perfect to work with Dyslexia?


Lori Melnitsky has trained extensively in reading, language, writing and phonemic awareness training.  She is a graduate of the Barton Dyslexia Consultant and Screening Course.   To schedule a language/literacy evaluation or review of records, call Lori at 516-776-0184 or visit the contact page.


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"I truly believe my son would not be talking in sentences today if it wasn’t for your help."
"Your understanding of language and processing made all the difference in the world."
(Linda, parent of an 11 year old autistic boy)