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All Island Speech Therapy offers evaluation and therapy serving children and adults with communication, stuttering, literacy and learning difficulties. We offer evaluation, therapy and tutoring in the following areas:


With over 20 years experience in stuttering therapy, we offer the Lidcombe Program to aim to eliminate stuttering for young children and customized programs for school age children, teens and adults. We offer fluency tools to older students so they can decrease stuttering and feel free to talk without fear and less stuttering. We are fortunate to provide a specialist who overcame a severe stuttering disorder. (Intensive programs on LI and NYC- registering now)

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Dyslexia & Literacy

A multi-sensory approach enables children to learn in a direct and systematic way. It allows them to see, hear and feel while they are learning to improve reading, writing and spelling. We offer screenings, evaluations in language, processing and reading/writing. We can provide Orton Gillingham tutoring, jump start programs for kindergarten and older children, Barton Reading and Spelling, PAF, and dyslexia screenings. 

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Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord is a home based computer educational software program that dramatically improves language and reading skills. This innovative program strengthens pathways to the brain, helps children learn, process directions, and improve attention and memory skills. This is monitored by us on a weekly basis to make adjustments and assess gains as needed. We have seen huge gains using this program specifically with processing, phonological awareness, sequencing and attention.

An online reading intervention, Fast ForWord uses the principles of brain science to treat the underlying cause of language and reading difficulties.

Exercise your brain to learn to read! It really works!

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Oral Motor

Oral Motor, Apraxia and Articulation

A tactile kinesthetic approach is important to work with these disorders. Many students spend years using traditional strategies with limited success. We offer PROMPT (link to my homepage prompt explanation) with a PROMPT CERTIFIED speech pathologist. PROMPT can help your child explode with language and intelligibility.

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LIDCOMBE WORKS- “We took our daughter, Angelina to Lori for speech therapy for about a year. We are very happy with the results. Angelina started stuttering when she was approximately 2.5 years old and was becoming aware of her speech problem. On her worst days she could not say a word, which worried my wife and I tremendously. My wife Victoria found Lori’s information online and we visited Lori in Long Island (from NJ) and started the Lidcombe Program. Over the next year, Angelina’s stuttering rating dropped from 9 to 10 (very severe) to a virtually unnoticeable pauses in our daughter’s speech. My wife and I are very thankful to Lori for working with our daughter and helping her overcome stuttering.”
(Steve and Victoria M, NJ-daughter Angelina, 4 years old now)