Lori Melnitsky, MA CCC-SLP
All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy

–I am thrilled to specialize in  Stuttering/Fluency,   SPEAK OUT!  Therapy for Parkinsons’ and  PROMPT Certified therapy-     Children and Adults

–Lidcombe Preschool Certified, MPI-2 Stuttering Certified, Speech Pathologist who stuttered severely   

Plainview, NY and Online-Tele Health in NY, NJ, CT, CA, PA, ME, FL


"I am no longer afraid of saying my name. Thanks for helping me with becoming fluent."
- James, 17 year old who stutters

Helping All Ages Overcome Stuttering

Specializing in Stuttering/Fluency, PROMPT Therapy-All Ages, Voice Therapy Parkinson's Patients

Lori overcame a severe stuttering disorder. Let me help you too....

Stuttering is a communication disorder that can be debilitating for children and adults. We offer Lidcombe Therapy for preschool and school age children to attempt to eliminate or minimize stuttering. At older ages we offer fluency shaping and the MPI Stuttering Program to improve fluency. READ MORE

Is your child afraid to raise their hand in school? Are people commenting on stuttering? Are they afraid to order in restaurants? Evaluation and therapy is provided for stuttering/fluency,   Also we offer Prompt therapy with a Certified therapist and apraxia help. READ MORE

Do you stutter? Is stuttering holding you back? Are you afraid to say your name? Are you afraid to go on a job interview? We provide our Step up to Fluency 8 week program the researched based Fluency MPI 2 Program for Adults who Stutter.  READ MORE

"My four year old used to scream and say he could not talk. Today he does not stutter anymore."
- parent of a preschool Lidcombe stuttering child

Lori Melnitsky, MA CCC-SLP
All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy

Director, Lori Melnitsky, MA CCC-SLP, knew she wanted to work with children, teens and adults because she herself overcame a severe stuttering disorder.  She is one of only a handful of therapists who specializes in stuttering and prompt therapy. READ MORE.

Stuttering did not stop me and it won't stop you with my help..

"I hired Lori in September 2010 to be my speech pathologist because I stutter and stammer. Throughout the 9-10 months that I worked with her, she was absolutely amazing. She's given me the confidence, speech tools, and strength to be who I am today. I can speak in front of crowds, and classes with no problems at all. Lori is a great speech pathologist and a great friend."
- former client