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Stuttering is a communication disorder that can be debilitating for children and adults.  I am here to assure you there is help available for children and adults.    We offer Lidcombe Therapy for preschool and school age children to attempt to eliminate or minimize stuttering.  At older ages we offer fluency shaping and the MPI Stuttering Program to improve fluency.

Our goal is to not only improve fluency and decrease stuttering but to increase confidence in all speaking situations

Is your child afraid to raise their hand in school? Are people commenting on stuttering? Are they afraid to order in restaurants? Evaluation and therapy is provided for stuttering/fluency,  We also offer school age support group for stuttering.  Also we offer Prompt therapy with a Certified therapist, articulation therapy, tongue thrust remediation and lisps;

Our goal is to help not only your child but also you as parents facilitate progress.

Do you suffer from stuttering? Is stuttering holding you back? Are you afraid to say your name? Are you afraid to go on a job interview? We provide our Step up To Fluency 8 week program, weekly therapy and the evidenced based MPI 2 Stuttering Treatment Program.  Do not wait. Help is here for you to improve fluency. 


Helping Kids Overcome Stuttering

Certified Life / ADHD Coach

Lori Melnitsky is a certified life coach helping people with challenges move forward to achieving success. She also has specialized experience with ADHD coaching, overcoming hurdles, changing careers,  parent coaching, life changes and helping therapists with ADHD. Coaching involves developing visions, dreams and keeping one accountable for keeping the clear vision they need to meet their goals to envision an extraordinary life despite life’s challenges. Lori has worked with the many teens and adults with ADHD. She believes once they learn the skills and improve their executive functioning strategies they can move forward and reach their full potential.

A practice that works with Children, Teens and Adults

Director, Lori Melnitsky, MA CCC-SLP, knew she wanted to work with children, teens and adults, in part because she herself overcame a severe stuttering disorder and is also the proud parent of two wonderful daughters, one with dyslexia and ADHD and the other who stuttered as a preschooler but stopped with intervention.

With over 20 years of direct experience Lori’s practice specializes in stuttering/fluency therapy for all ages and also customizes therapy programs for those with learning and literacy challenges. We provide Orton Gillingham and Prompt Certified therapy.

Feel free to talk to Lori personally at 516-776-0184 or email her in confidence at Lori@allislandspeech.com. Part of what makes this practice unique is the degree of empathy and understanding that is always offered. Lori’s personal passion, life coaching, wealth of experience and knowledge is apparent.


Lori overcame a severe stuttering disorder and is the proud parent of a wonderful daughter who has dyslexia.

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