How can you help your teen who stutters?

Keep them talking whether they stutter or not. I cannot stress that enough. Keep encouraging them until they get to that point where they come to their “aha” moment. This happens at various ages, sometimes at age 7 and other times when they are going to college.  Intensive and individual options are available to learn how to breathe properly, ease into words and combine words together.

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Do you have a child who stutters?

I get many calls each week about their child who started stuttering out of nowhere.   Many ask should I see a neurologist? The answer is no.  These are questions to ask  yourself.. Is there a history in the family? Are they struggling? Are they aware? Are they blocking? Always trust your gut. Pediatricians often say to wait. Although that might be the easy thing to do it is not always the right suggestion.  Doctors  are  often our first resource but stuttering is usually not something they learn about in school.  Sometimes a simple consult is helpful with a speech pathologist in stuttering helps relieve concern.  Remember to not interrupt and allow sufficient time to speak.  

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