The Best Stuttering Therapy for Adults

Stuttering may seem like an easy problem to solve. The internet is littered with advice and tips to stop stuttering. But for many adults, stuttering is a lifelong disorder that requires professional guidance to overcome. Several years ago, there was a huge advancement in speech therapy for stuttering, known as MPI. With MPI treatment, adults who stammer can greatly improve their speech in a matter of weeks. Does MPI Stuttering Therapy Really Work? Modification Phonation Intervals (MPI) therapy has been proven to be one of the most effective and quickest treatments for adults. A $3 million, six-year study by Roger Ingham found MPI stuttering therapy changes brain activity. The results suggested ways that stuttering treatment could be modified to increase the positive outcome of speech therapy. A subsequent study on the efficacy of MPI programs for adults had very positive results. The study compared MPI and prolonged speech treatments. Most […]

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My 3-Year-Old Stutters: What Do I Do?

As parents, our number one concern is our children’s happiness and helping them develop in a way where they are able to reach their full potential. One thing that can hinder this development is finding out that your 3-year- old child stutters. Stuttering can be frustrating and embarrassing for kids of this age and can stop them from doing many things they would otherwise be highly capable of doing. When you notice that your toddler is beginning to stutter, it can be a scary and overwhelming situation. How can you help? Who can you turn to for help? Which types of therapy are the best and most effective? These and a million other questions run through your head when your toddler stutters, but the good news is, there are solutions out there to help your 3-year-old child overcome this issue and lead a full life, free from the limitations and […]

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