Successful Stuttering Treatment-What the research says?

  The Modified Phonation Interval-2 (MPI-2) is more effective… Read on… Effective Stuttering Treatment for Adults-The research counts…   Statistics show that more than 72 million people globally are affected by stuttering, a figure that represents one percent of the global population. While stuttering – the disorder where an individual repeats and prolongs syllables and sounds – is not a life-threatening condition, it can cause emotional and psychological problems as it interferes with effective interactions with others and erodes self-confidence and self-esteem.   Researchers continue to investigate ways in which this condition can be managed, helping adults as well as children who stutter gain confidence and lead a more fulfilling life. Some of these studies have provided solutions which have helped those with a stutter manage their condition effectively. Two recent studies conducted by renowned researchers from UC Santa Barbara have provided a new insight in the treatment of stuttering. […]

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Helping a child with ADHD/ADD feel successful in school and life…

School and life can be a challenge for people with ADHD/ADD. It’s difficult to focus and learn but there are ways that you can help them if you are a teacher or parent. One of the best things is being compassionate and allowing imperfection. It is about seeing their strengths beyond the classroom. It is about listening to their words and message. It is about being positive and encouraging. 1. Create Positive Outcomes with Powerful Words: You should work closely with a students to develop a positive outcomes. Children with ADHD/ADD often have problems with thinking about future success. It is a challenge for them to see beyond the moment. These are some ideas that might help. Use positive words, ie: I see you are trying hard, I hear you.  Also implementing a notebook with goals for the day with multiple checkpoints like get up and start another task within […]

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