Understanding school age stuttering..

Stuttering in School-Age Children “Stuttering is painful. In Sunday school, I’d try to read my lessons and the children behind me were falling on the floor with laughter” – James Earl Jones Stuttering is never easy for a school-age child. They are their own individual and you have no one size fits all treatment for stuttering. Negative comments and feedback often develop fear in children, and you’ll notice that they become less responsive to treatments. Children start avoiding conversations and situations to avoid being bullied or teased. These experiences may have a long-standing impact on their self-confidence and attitude towards life. Especially with children in their developmental age, it’s important to deal with stuttering sensitively. When working with an experienced Speech Language Therapist, they can assess children and suggest the best course of treatment. Stuttering in children can become an emotional rollercoaster. From making friends to socializing in school, any […]

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Parents: Helping the child who stutters?

What You Can Do to Help a Child Who Stutters? Stuttering is a communication disorder that disrupts the flow of speech. It significantly impacts the ability of a child to communicate effectively. When is public settings like events and school, this can eventually lead to affecting the self-esteem and reduced self-confidence of children. Every child wants to be like their peers, but stuttering communication becomes a challenge. Slowly, you’ll notice that stuttering in children leads to avoiding conversations and people. There are little but impactful things you can do to help your children get better in communication and overcome the challenges of stuttering. How to Help a Child Who Stutters? Here are some ways to improve confidence and build self-esteem by helping your child who stutters. Slower speech helps children with stuttering issues. You’ll notice that children often stutter more when they get excited or upset or when they are […]

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