Suggested 504 Accomodations for Students who Stutter…

Accommodations for Students who Stutter……. Stuttering occurs when there are disruptions in fluency or flow of speech. With slight accommodations for students who stutter, teachers can make them feel more comfortable in the education scene. When in class, it’s normal for students who stutter to feel nervous, embarrassed, and frustrated. They experience stress and emotional tension. When a teacher is confronted with such a student, they often don’t know what accommodations they can make in the classroom to help these students adapt to the learning culture by minimizing their difficulties and stress for talking. Not all students need these accommodations. It is perfectly acceptable to stutter and talk. Free Download: 6 Tips for Accommodating Students Who Stutter Handout Tips for teachers to make accommodations for students who stutter It’s imperative to provide your students, especially the ones with challenging communication difficulties all the necessary help and support they ask for. […]

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