Lori Melnitsky, MA CCC-SLP ASHA speech-language pathologist and Director of All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy in Plainview, NY has developed a workshop in which she will be discussing: .3 ASHA CEUs. Early bird $150 ends Jan. 10th, 2021… Course starts Jan. 12 on demand at your convenience through Jan. 17… EFFECTIVE  STRATEGIES TO TREAT STUTTERING AND RELATED SPEECH DISORDERS Participants will be given an overview of stuttering and how to address the disorder with concomitant diagnoses, such as apraxia speech sound disorders and ADHD. The platform will also give better understanding on how to provide stuttering therapy along with related speech disorders. We encourage and welcome ALL to this helpful and extremely insightful workshop.  Using her own personal experience with severe stuttering as an adolescent and 25 years of expertise, she will be highlighting several different topics such as: Identify stuttering warning signs Define physical characteristics associated with stuttering  […]

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Hello I stutter, Do you hear me? My name is Lori..The non traditional speech pathologist…

Stuttering? Who understands how I speak? How loud do I have to scream to be heard?  I remember being 5 and told I should do a play for my parents, being 8 and doing art projects, being 15 and filling out questionnaires and then age 22 filling out the stuttering instruments for assessment.  I have no memory of who these people were but I do remember feeling invisible. No child or adult should do it this way. Did anyone hear me? Could they stop  writing notes? Does anyone know how to help me?  Aren’t you a speech pathologist? Stop reading. I am a person. Will anyone ask about me, my hobbies, my life? The pain is still there. I became a speech pathologist. Not only did I learn how to speak more fluently with confidence, I learned to help most people I work with who stutter. Never doubt how much […]

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