Twenty things I want you to know about my life, not all stuttering related…

These are 20 things to know about me, not all stuttering related… My family means the world to me. They are the first, second and last thing I think about everyday. My dog Parker was my buddy and followed me everywhere. He helped my clients talk and remain calm. While raising my daughters I wanted them to have compassion and empathy (and they do..) I was told I could not become a speech pathologist by many speech pathologists and professors.  (They were so wrong) I am trained in ADHD and dyslexia too. I am a fighter and do not give up. My clients are my passion and fill my life with purpose. Watching my bright  younger daughter beaten up by a public school system was brutal and she deserved better.(ADHD and dyslexia-so misunderstood) Watching the same daughter fight back and excel was amazing but seeing her smile was even better. […]

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