My Services

All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy offers evaluation and therapy for stuttering for all ages. Our practice is unique as we additionally provide services for apraxia, oral motor dysfunction and language. We offer the Lidcombe Program for Stuttering as well as customized stuttering Programs for children and adults. Lori is also a PROMPT Certified therapist.


Lori has over  25 years experience treating all ages who stutter from ages 2 to 99.  The aim is to reduce stuttering and improve fluency and positive attitudes towards communicating.  Parent and family interaction is important to success at our center.  We are fortunate to be directed by Lori Melnitsky, who has overcome a severe stuttering disorder and has treated several hundred people who stutter.  We offer the Lidcombe Program for Childhood Stuttering and customized fluency  Programs for teens/adults. Our 12 week school aged program has been successful too. Please email to obtain help now.


We provide PROMPT therapy by a certified speech/language pathologist.  This therapy provides touch cues to stabilize jaw movements, lip and tongue mobility.  It helps to guide movements to improve oral motor functioning and intelligibility.  This technique can be used for apraxia, oral motor issues and articulation

Dyslexia & Literacy

A multi-sensory  Orton Gillingham approach enables children to learn in a direct and systematic way. It allows them to see, hear and feel while they are learning to improve reading, writing and spelling. We offer screenings, evaluations in language, processing and reading/writing. We can provide Orton Gillingham programs and dyslexia screenings.


We provide in home feeding consults local to Plainview to assist your child with  feeding issues such as difficulties chewing and biting, transitioning to various textures and exhibit oral motor issues.  Parent support is provided as well.