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Best reasons to continue tele therapy at this time…

The truth is this is a generation that learns via tele therapy. At the risk of sounding old, I did so much of my fluency therapy via telephone. I would have done anything to work on my fluency.  I am going to tell you what helped.

  1. keep talking. It is so important to keep talking at this time for so many reasons… fluency skills, the art of conversation, easing anxiety.
  2. Therapy for younger children is parent oriented. If it is hard to do it during the day then schedule a time at night or on the weekend but stuttering therapy and articulation therapy can definitely be done online. It might not be perfect but these are imperfect times and the more we can adapt the more we can move forward when this craziness ends and I believe it will end.
  3. Involve friends and family in therapy. Play games, talk with a fun therapist.
  4. Adults-what a perfect time for intensive stuttering therapy. I am here for free consults.

Stay safe everyone. I am so thankful for the teachers, medical professionals, everyone who is working so hard to help others and please stay safe. These are isolating times so reach out if you need help.

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