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Cookbooks for Stuttering? Stop cooking and mix it up….

  Many times I get calls for specific programs..Lidcombe, MPI.  Most want to know if I can stop stuttering. I hear the panic in voices and even over email.  I have learned over the years that no children or adults are alike.  Many of these approaches have shown great improvement and in the case of Lidcombe  I have seen early childhood stuttering eliminated often.  However no one wants their child treated like a recipe. It is important to meet the individual, talk to the parents and discover what their unique child needs.  That is what makes us specialists in what we do. Lori@allislandspeech.com    

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Stuttering Education in the schools

Today I went into Mattlin Middle School in Plainview, NY to talk about stuttering education to sixty 5th grade students.  Interestingly, my daughter wanted me to come in because she thought it was important that the students learned that despite growing up with a severe stuttering disorder, I battled back to become a speech/language pathologist specializing in stuttering disorders.  It was a wonderful experience. It gave me the opportunity to educate the children on stuttering, tolerance and spend time with my daughter.  It was an incredible experience and I plan to continue talking to schools.

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