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Case study: 4 year old severe stuttering and apraxia diagnosis…

Do we treat stuttering first? Do we treat oral motor, articulation first? Do we ignore stuttering? Do we ignore the fragmented language? What do we do first? Stuttering in itself is so complex…How do we deal with both? I wanted to share a case study with you and hope some of these tips help… In April of 2019 a young man I will call Max came to see me.   Max was a little over 4 and aware of his speech difficulties.  Parents were unsure of which direction to take.  He was previously diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech and I agreed with this. His language was at the three word level. Eye grimaces, eye contact avoidance, missing syntax, repeating syllables and words were evident.  Max was stuttering on 82 percent of his words.  That means 82 out of 100 words were dysfluent.  I am breaking that down because that is […]

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Three best tips to manage Adult ADHD during holidays…

Holidays often bring stress and often torture for young people and adults with ADHD.  How many of us feel scattered and overwhelmed at this time? We lose things, feel anxious and often do things we think we “should” do and not what we want to do. Non stop holiday parties and shopping can be overstimulating. Computer surfing can be draining.   These are the three best tips for surviving holidays… 1. Find ten min to shop and then get off the computer. 2.  Do not go to parties that you are not interested in.  Find  joy in who you love. 3. Keep focused and make lists.   For more information on how I can help you please email me at Please visit for more information on ADHD and Life Coaching..   #ADHDcoaching #lifecoaching  

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Helping a child with ADHD/ADD feel successful in school and life…

School and life can be a challenge for people with ADHD/ADD. It’s difficult to focus and learn but there are ways that you can help them if you are a teacher or parent. One of the best things is being compassionate and allowing imperfection. It is about seeing their strengths beyond the classroom. It is about listening to their words and message. It is about being positive and encouraging. 1. Create Positive Outcomes with Powerful Words: You should work closely with a students to develop a positive outcomes. Children with ADHD/ADD often have problems with thinking about future success. It is a challenge for them to see beyond the moment. These are some ideas that might help. Use positive words, ie: I see you are trying hard, I hear you.  Also implementing a notebook with goals for the day with multiple checkpoints like get up and start another task within […]

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