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How to build confidence…..

  Confidence is a skill that can be learned and taught.  There is a common misconception that confidence is a personality trait.  It is accessible within each and every one of us. Unfortunately, most people look outside of themselves to attempt to find it. They look who has more money, who appears to be happier and more confident who speaks better than them or who has a bigger house. Truthfully is within all of us in some form.  It is attainable. Confidence evolves over time. Confidence has to be worked on.  Self talk has to be addressed to change habits and listen to ourselves.  If we were training for a marathon we would start small.  It is the same with confidence.  That inner voice inside of us has to be transformed to build strength. Ultimately, a life well-lived is one that is grounded in confident thinking, courageous action and a […]

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