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Three reasons I stop hiding the fact that I stutter..

The truth is I used to hide stuttering as if I was hiding a crime. I could be stuttering and if someone asked me what was going on I would put my head down in shame.  It hurt me to the core of my sole and I would rather eat a food I hated than stutter on food I wanted. I am a diet soda fanatic. I was so excited when as an adult I could order a medium coke instead of a small. The dreaded “S” sounds but as a kid my parents did not want me ordering a larger size. I do not blame them. I remember waiting on line saying over and over in my head, small diet, small diet.  Sometimes it worked. Others I blocked so badly that I walked away. These are the three reasons I stopped hiding that I stutter… The National Stuttering Association-They […]

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Speech Pathologist and Stuttering Specialist nominated for Best of Long Island 2020…

Wow… I never thought I would become a speech pathologist let alone be nominated. Follow your dreams…I am so excited and honored for this nomination. Voting starts October 1. For those of you nominated me a huge thank you. Speech is my life and it is my passion to help others so this means so much to me. Congrats to all the nominees..  

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My Middle school child stutters…what do I do?

The National Stuttering Association is a great support organization that helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. It is especially important to the middle school child who stutters… We all know how hard these years can be and it is important they are not alone.. Remember to accept who they are. They can improve fluency but confidence is so key at this age. Praise their accomplishments. ‘Tweens/Middle School  

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