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Helping Adults Stop Stuttering…



I stopped. I never ever stutter anymore.  No more fear to speak.  Then I woke up. It was a dream I have had many times.  Not saying I am a religious person but I prayed daily. This is what I said to myself as a teen who stuttered severely with inner fears:

——-Please let me stop stuttering.   Please let me say “here” when attendance was taken. Please let me not shake when I order a diet soda.  Please let me stop stuttering.  Please let me say my name. Please let me meet someone and have kids. Please let me be able to call the pediatrician if they are sick. Please let me stop stuttering…..

Is it possible to stop stuttering? The truth is as an adult it is hard to totally stop.  Even fluent speakers are not totally fluent. However it is possible to not struggle, eliminate fears and learn how to stutter much less and be more fluent.

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If I can do it you can too….