How overcoming stuttering changed my life…

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February 13, 2021 6:34 pm

My quest for fluency was endless. It also involved learning how to converse, pause and speak.  These are ways that fluency helped me. In a world where math is stressed I can honestly say it had no impact on my life but stuttering did.   This is how it helped me:
  1. Became more confident
  2. stopped getting laughed at for not saying my name
  3. Hired as an adjunct professor
  4. Was interviewed for radio and TV shows
  5. Became a speech pathologist
  6. Allowed me to advocate for my children when needed.
  7. Enabled me to make phone calls.
  8. Stopped thinking about stuttering and being ashamed from morning to night.
  9. Gave me strength
  10. Learned how to fight discrimination.
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This post was written by Lori Melnitsky

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