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Watch — Lori’s MyLITV Interview —
Learn how Lori overcame stuttering and dedicated her career to help others communicate.

Featured Interviews: Lori Melnitsky, Speech Pathologist

JASON'S SECRET: Complete Edition
(The Jason Loring Trilogy Book 1) Kindle Edition

Jason Loring is beginning fifth grade in a new school. He hopes this time, this one time, he will fit in. He is smart. He dresses cool. And he’s good at chess. But whenever he starts to talk, he never knows whether IT will happen and he will look and sound weird, bad weird. That can make him explode. What happens at the new school, why his father shares his secret, and how Jason changes leads to acceptance at last. 


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Watch- Lori and Alina talk about the MPI2 Stuttering to Fluency Program

Video Media:

Watch- I was a consultant for the children’s TV Show Arthur: Episode Maria Speaks