PROMPT Therapy

It is vital to use a PROMPT Certified Speech Pathologist. Rigorous hands on training is required to become certified in PROMPT. Lori has worked with Prompt extensively for the early intervention population, hard to produce r and s sounds and articulation issues. 
Lori has over 20 years experience with the early intervention population, apraxia, feeding and language delays.

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Apraxia, developmental delays, articulation disorders, and oral motor disorders and lack of progress.

PROMPT IS AN ACRONYM FOR “PROMPTS FOR RESTRUCTURING ORAL- MUSCULAR PHONETIC TARGETS”. It is a tactile-kinesthetic approach that involves touch cues to the individual’s articulators (jaw, tongue, lips) to manually guide them through the targeted word, phrase or sentence. It stresses motor control and precision of oral muscle movements. It eliminates unnecessary muscle movements, such as jaw sliding and inadequate lip rounding..

PROMPT is a process that involves working upwards on a motor speech hierarchy (Hayden, 1986). It involves tactile-kinesthetic hands- on cues to the face to heighten awareness and precision of muscle movements. It does not involve working on individual sounds or using horns or whistles. For example, how many children can produce a word like “dad” with seemingly perfect sound productions, but will move their jaw while saying it? This will affect higher level speech productions. It will be difficult to transfer this into connected speech and will sound “sloppy”. Another example is the word, “boot”. What if this sounds correct to the listener, but is produced with inadequate lip rounding?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. The PROMPT Institute offers three courses. A SLP is considered trained after taking the first introductory course. They are also continued to be considered trained after taking the second course (Bridging) which deals primarily with writing goals using the PROMPT approach. The third course is a 4 month videotaped project. This is the only time where hands- on tactile cues are used for an extended period of time. The project is then graded by the Institute to determine if certain criteria were met for Certification. Although there are many PROMPT trained clinicians, the Certification is the only way of determining that the SLP has met specific criteria at various skill levels to warrant the certification status.

YES!! I have worked with a multitude of children and observed PROMPT to be highly effective and produce results. I have heard intelligibility improve significantly. I have observed children to be quite receptive to this tactile approach.