Stuttering Misconceptions that will blow you away….

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October 27, 2020 1:27 am

Stuttering is complex.  However many times people jumped to conclusions. As someone who stuttered severely and specializes in helping others who stutter , I am here to transform these statements into the truth:

Common misconceptions:

1.People who stutter (PWS)  are nervous-false, anxiety could increase stuttering or stuttering could increase speaking fears but everyone is different.

2. People who Stutter (PWS) are unintelligent-false

3. People who Stutter need help finishing their sentences-false. It can increase stuttering.

4. PWS need others to say slow down or take a breath-also false.

5. PWS are all males-false-higher percentage in males but females can stutter too


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This post was written by Lori Melnitsky

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