Stuttering Therapy To improve fluency for all who stutter.. I never thought I would be able to talk fluently... I remember not being able to say my name or order in a restaurant.

 Lori Melnitsky, MA CCC-SLP has successfully treated hundreds of children and adults who stutter. Lori has developed specialized fluency programs to meet the needs of her patients. She prides herself and success by having a unique understanding of children and adults who stutter. Once told she would never become a speech pathologist due to severe stuttering and fear of speaking,  Lori overcame the impossible and communicates today with ease.  She learned fluency strategies and developing a positive mindset to achieve her goals and help others. 

 She has spoken extensively on the subject of stuttering and has been an adjunct professor at local universities.  Lori is a recognized leader in the field of stuttering and overcame a severe stuttering disorder to help others communicate more fluently and confidently.   Lori is a published author in fluency journals and wrote the forward for a children’s book on stuttering.  She is passionate that all those who stutter deserve to be heard and improve fluency.  

Lori has lead fluency practice groups and stuttering support groups for the National Stuttering Association.  Our clinic offers the Lidcombe Program for Early Childhood Stuttering and Customized programs for school age and adults who stutter.    

What is stuttering?

Stuttering is a communication disorder characterized by disruptions (disfluencies) in the normal flow of speech. People who stutter (PWS) often experience physical tension in the mechanisms used for speech production (lips, tongue, larynx and jaw). Oftentimes if left untreated it causes embarrassment and fear of talking. Together these result in difficulty communicating effectively. Stuttering can negatively impact academics, careers and social situations without the proper intervention.

What causes Stuttering?

The exact cause of stuttering is unknown. It is known that more boys than girls stutter. There is often a genetic link in the family. It should be noted that parents and family members are not to blame if a child starts stuttering. Stuttering is not a psychological or “nervous” disorder. Telling a PWS to slow down and take a deep breath is often believed to be helpful advice given a child or adult who stutters. This advice can actually cause a someone to stutter more.

What help is available?

Early intervention is vital. Most children begin stuttering between the ages of 2 ½ and 5. Research has shown the earlier intervention is sought, the likelihood of eliminating stuttering increases. Once a child is older than age 7, it is difficult to eliminate stuttering completely, but fluency can be enhanced.

What is the MPI-2 Stuttering Program?

Click here to view videos of some successful MPI patients.

What can parents do if their child starts stuttering?

It is important to establish eye contact and let your child know you are listening to their message rather than how it is being conveyed. Don’t interrupt or finish their sentences. Try and slow down family member’s rate of speech by pausing often. Avoid telling a child to slow down or take a deep breath. Try and avoid questioning your child. This often creates demands on the child It’s better to say things like, “I wonder how your day was” or ” I was thinking about how much I like your drawing”. This way the child answers when they are comfortable. Most importantly, contact a speech pathologist specializing in stuttering treatment immediately if your child starts stuttering. Sometimes one or two visits can teach you strategies to facilitate fluency in your home environment.

Insurance Coverage for Stuttering Treatment

To find out more about health plan coverage, how to submit a claim and other insurance coverage information please visit The Stuttering Foundation website:



Lidcombe Program for Early Childhood/Preschool Stuttering (ages 3 to 7)

How can the Lidcombe Stuttering Program help your child?

The Lidcombe Program is a highly successful evidenced based behavioral treatment program that was designed for young children who stutter and their families. The objective of this program is to try and eliminate stuttering in young children in a fun, systematic and structured manner. Therapy is provided to the child by Lori Melnitsky, Lidcombe Certified speech pathologist with over 20 years experience in stuttering/fluency therapy. Parents are taught to work with their children daily to decrease stuttering. Parents will feel empowered helping their child speak more fluently.

This program is ideal for children ages 3 to 7. In order for children to improve fluency at this age parents must use a structured approach and be involved daily. It is important to address stuttering early and NOT to wait. We can help your child to try and stop stuttering!

Call 516-776-0184 today to schedule an evaluation. We can start therapy as early as the first session.

ALL ISLAND SPEECH AND STUTTERING THERAPY is now an Approved Nassau County Provider for CPSE services. For Suffolk CPSE Cases-please contact me at NY Therapy Placement Services. We are in NYC too!!!

All ongoing and private services can be arranged through All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy. We also accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield.


SCHOOL AGED CHILDREN– RUN WITH FLUENCY – 12 week Structured Fluency PROGRAM-Stuttering therapy is customized for each school aged child. Tools and strategies are available to improve fluency and boost confidence to overcome difficult speaking situations. Activities are geared towards the child’s interests. Our goal at this age is for the school aged child to manage stuttering and not let it stop them from talking. It is usually recommended for school aged children to be seen once to twice weekly and then transition to a group for maintenance. It is most effective when parents work directly with the child under my guidance and this is strongly encouraged. Children are put on a home program following therapy. Call 516-776-0184 today to schedule an evaluation.


EXCITING NEWS…..MPI-2 STUTTERING PROGRAM….We are the first ones on the east coast to be offering this well researched fluency program. All Island Speech presents the MPI-2  (Modifying Phonation Intervals) Stuttering Treatment Program for the treatment of chronic stuttering in adults and adolescents. This is an intensive program requiring two to three weeks. It results in natural sounding speech. Another option is…… for more videos….

FLUENCY SHAPING SPEECH PROGRAM FOR STUTTERING…… YES… I have taken the Precision Fluency Shaping Program with great success.  Lori will help you improve fluency and decrease fears.  This is a flexible treatment option for students and adults who stutter.   This can be done in person or over Skype.

Call 516-776-0184 or email LORI@ALLISLANDSPEECH.COM. Time to act and stop struggling. Improving fluency can be life altering. I stuttered severely and improved fluency helped me advance in my career and stutter drastically less!  I also became an adjunct professor and lecturer.

Before and After MPI Treatment Videos