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Stuttering: Basic Facts for Parents

  STUTTERING : BASIC FACTS FOR PARENTS: What is Stuttering? Stuttering (also known as stammering or dysfluencies) consists of disruptions in the normal flow of speech. It includes repeating words or parts of words, complete sound blockage, sound prolongations and physical tension or struggle.   What causes Stuttering?: There is no single cause of stuttering. Research has found that genetics, language skills, sound development, the child’s temperament and environmental factors play a role in the development of stuttering.   Is Stuttering an emotional problem? No. It is not caused by anxiety or being nervous. However it can cause fear of speaking.   Is Stuttering Cyclical? Yes it is common for people to stutter more at times and then be fluent at other times. It tends to come and go and people often learn to avoid words they might stutter on. Avoiding speaking can have a negative impact on social, emotional […]

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