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Talking about Stuttering is not fun..What do we do?

I recently received an email from a speech pathologist who was concerned about a teenager who stutters on her caseload. I was thrilled she asked how to help. She observed this 11 year old was not talking too much or not interested in exploring the topic of stuttering. So what do we do? Children get a ton of questions from their parents and even at my age my mom likes to know what is going on. I work part time in a high school and the last thing they want me doing is asking questions about their lives. They love talking about their strengths, sports or cars. It is up to me to find ways of encouraging them without making stuttering the highlight of their lives. The truth is people who stutter want to talk. Most people do not like talking about things that bother them, ex: weight, poor hearing […]

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What is the MPI-2 Stuttering Program?

What is the MPI-2 Program? It stands for Modifying Phonation Intervals.  It is an evidenced researched based stuttering treatment program for adults.  It is a program I have used with other adults ages 17 and older with remarkable results.  It is an intensive ten day program offered over 2 weeks (usually two hours per day) to improve fluency in a naturally sounding way. What is the research behind it? I was fortunate to be trained and certified by Dr. Roger Ingham himself who researched many years at the University of Santa Barbara (USB)  to develop this program.  Research has revealed that people who stutter produce short phonation intervals (meaning voicing of sounds is too rapid) and this increases stuttering.  If these short phonation intervals can be reduced by increasing the intervals, stuttering can be gradually reduced.  In short we do this with the use of an app that is customized […]

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New Innovative MPI-2 Stuttering Treatment Program

NEW STUTTERING THERAPY OFFERED AT ALL ISLAND SPEECH AND STUTTERING THERAPY-BOTH IN PERSON AND VIA TELE-THERAPY:  MPI-2 The MPI-2  (Modified Phonation Interval) Stuttering Treatment Program is the latest researched based program for adults and teenagers who stutter.  Read this testimonial of a medical doctor who completed the program with our center: “I’ve stuttered since I was 4 years old. I went through all the experiences that people who stutter go through and that the rest of the world has no idea about.   Scared to meet new people because I won’t be able to say my name. Scared to order the dish in the restaurant that I wanted and instead ordered the one that was easier to say.  Scared to death of oral presentations in school. Despite my stuttering I got into medical school.  I would get top scores in all the written tests and get barely passing grades in anything […]

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