The Benefits of Prompt Therapy

Traditionally it was thought if we taught a child to produce sounds and words by using only auditory cues, they would eventually start talking. At All Island Speech & Stuttering Therapy, we specialize in PROMPT therapy and know this isn’t true.

Benefits of PROMPT Therapy:

  • PROMPT adds a multidimensional approach using tactile kinesthetic cues to move the lips, tongue, and jaw to sequence movements to produce sounds and words.
  • PROMPT allows for practice of targeted sounds and words.
  • PROMPT works where traditional speech therapy can’t.

Practical Applications of PROMPT Therapy:

If an 18 month old isn’t babbling or imitating animal sounds then PROMPT should be used to stimulate language. If a two year old isn’t talking and can’t imitate sounds then PROMPT is ideal to help facilitate language. If a 4 year old is talking but omitting sounds, PROMPT can help shape the vowels and stabilize the jaw to improve production. If a 7 year old still can’t produce sounds such as r and L after two years of speech therapy, it is time for PROMPT therapy. If a child is diagnosed with Apraxia, then PROMPT is the logical approach to use.


PROMPT therapy can be used for Childhood Apraxia of Speech, motor planning deficits, Dysarthria, articulation and phonological disorders. Since we are speech pathologists first with a specialty in PROMPT therapy, the child has the added benefit of a multidimensional approach involving touch cues. Being a fully certified PROMPT therapist indicates a high level of expertise involving hours and years of hands on experience.

* “All Island Speech and Lori Melnitsky are definitely in the vanguard when it comes to offering direct-approach methods for treating disfluent speech – particularly in young children –  as evidenced in her work with our preschool-aged son who stutters. She was able to perform her magic through endless age-appropriate activities and games to keep him engaged both at home with us and in sessions at her office while delivering the Lidcombe Program, which has resulted in significant improvement in both our son’s speech fluency and clarity of speech. Lori definitely knows what she’s talking about and has a very caring and thoughtful way about her, backed by her years of experience as a speech therapist and as a parent herself, as well as by her own experiences as someone who overcame a severe speech disorder. If you are serious about treating speech disfluency no matter the age or degree, you could do no better than to choose All Island Speech. THANK YOU, LORI!!”(Parents of a 5 year old preschool child, NYC, 2018)